Monday, July 28, 2014

Daddy Cool (Donald Goines, 1974)

Was a bit disappointed with this one to be honest. Expected our hit-man hero to be a cool Shaft-like bad-ass but he's more like an aging guy having lots of problems with his family while running his pool-hall. Not very cool either - he loses his coolness when returning home from one of his "jobs" and finds his 16 year-old spoiled daughter Janet making out in a car with a young and "thoroughly unlikable" pimp Ronald. Daddy Cool gets mad, slaps her and as a result she's  so pissed at him that she packs her shit and runs away with the unlikable one. Soon she ends up whoring on the streets of Motor City and daddy is not too happy about it.

But he's not too upset about it either because two weeks later he's still not able to locate her. Is he simply not street wise anymore? Hard to say, but one thing is certain. Instead of keep looking for her, he takes another job in LA because it pays so well (25 grand). Greedy bastard! And an asshole too. When he finally gets back, he releases his frustrations and rage on his two step-sons who were given the ultimatum to either find her or move out of his house. I'm not saying that two of them are not good-for-nothing assholes but still I think he was a bit unfair to them.

It gets better and more dynamic towards the end with somehow Shakespearean tragic, bloody family drama climax.

Quick and entertaining read but I missed any kind of a style in it. Not much of the ghetto noir feeling I had expected, plain dialogues lacking street slang, sloppy and pretty unbelievable story, hardly any characterization (especially Janet is done poorly) and also a bit too sexploitative (five pages long sex scene). The whole thing just feels like it was put together hastily which - after reading Goines' biography - can very well be the case. Apparently he wrote mainly to support his heroin addiction and published 9 books in 1974 alone. Amazing, big fucking respect!



Larry Jackson aka Daddy Cool, "one of the deadliest killers the earth had ever spawned"

Detroit mostly, except for the two jobs that Daddy Cool takes in Michigan and LA

Body count7 + one German police dog

Daddy Cool's daughter Janet. Innocent 16 year old girl when we first meet her, but two weeks later she celebrates her 17th birthday street-walking and "doing tricks"

None. Which is strange because he's savagely beaten when gang of six mugs him. 

Title: See 'hero'
CoverStandard stuff.

Cool lines:  
Pimping was his game, and no good pimp would allow some bitch's daddy to blow his game.[The Coolest!]

Yes, there would be hell to pay, and some crying. But casket buying would be the order of the day in the near future.

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